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Before Tanning Care

Before Tanning Preparation for Best Results

  1. If you have dry skin, we recommend moisturizing up to the day before the spray tan. Not on the day of the tan.
  2. If you are going to wax, pedicure or manicure, for best tanning results do so 2 days before.
  3. Shave, Shower and exfoliate with a quality body brush or scrub to remove any dry skin the day before the tan. Do not do any of this on the day of the tan.
  4. Do not use deodorant the day of the tan.
  5. Do not use lotions, Dove soap, and/or gel-infused shavers the day of the spray tan.
  6. You may tan in a garment of your choice, ladies may tan nude. Gentlemen are required to wear underwear. Any clothing worn will have the potential to stain.
  7. We recommend wearing dark loose fitting clothes as the bronzer may rub off of your skin following the spray tan.
  8. Flip flops are preferred, as tennis shoes etc. can cause the tanning solution to rub off.
  9. Bring a towel for your car seat.
  10. ­­­­­Cash is preferred, the right money is appreciated.
  11. Please make an appointment before using any vouchers.