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After Tanning Care

After your spray tan, processing will take between 16 and 24 hours. To make it last longer and stay even, follow the information below.

After getting your tan:

  • It is advised not to use cleansers on your face as it will strip the tanning solution.

  • Cover car seat as tan can stain them. Also, be careful that your seatbelt does not rub your skin.

  • Don’t scratch your skin before is processes.
  • Getting into a swimming pool will shorten the life of the tan.
  • Don’t apply perfume, makeup, sunscreen or moisturizer until after your second shower.
  • Toilet seats can pull the tan off of your skin, put toilet paper on the seat to avoid this.
  • Also, ammonia from urine can remove your tan, so take care.
  • If you sleep before your first shower, put a towel on your bed as solution may ruin your sheets, and we recommend wearing black loose fitting clothing to bed, but no socks.

When you have your first shower:

  • Rinse with lukewarm water, not hot, for 1 to 2 minutes, just to get the bronzer off.
  • Lightly rub your skin with bare hands in the shower.
  • Don’t scrub your skin.
  • Don’t use soap, shampoo, conditioner or moisturizer.
  • Pat dry or air dry. Do not rub with a towel.
  • It is normal for some bronzer to wash off on your first shower.
  • Your tan will continue to process after your shower

When you have your second shower:

  • If you shave use a new razor with hair conditioner to protect your skin.
  • Use mild shower gel / soap. Do not use Dove soap or scented Bath and Body works soaps.
  • Don’t scrub your skin.
  • Pat with a towel or air dry.
  • Moisturizer twice a day.
  • If you use sunscreen, ensure it is waterproof. There are spray tan friendly sunscreens listed on the web.